On the subject of dragons

April 23 is St. George’s Day in England. When I saw this in the month-at-a-glance pocket calendar where I keep track of my life I thought, Those wonderful Brits have made a holiday that includes a dragon.
Well, after a little internet research, it turns out that the dragon is just a small part of the story of St. George, and is not really why he became a Saint. But that’s what I’m focusing on here—the dragon.
Because dragons have always fascinated me.
I don’t think of them as evil. As with most animals, I’m quick to give any of their “bad behavior” the benefit of the doubt.
I can’t imagine these magnificent creatures existing in our modern world. We have too few wild places left. But I love to imagine the possibility…
Imagine walking at twilight. You’re paying attention to nothing in particular, until you become aware that the light has dimmed. You notice a large shadow is blocking the light of the rising moon.
You look up.
And there, a graceful dark shape flies, silhouetted against a periwinkle-colored sky.
What a wonder that would be.

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